Saturday, September 5, 2020

Eared Quetzal

 Eared Quetzal is a rare and elusive bird native to Mexico. Very few birds are seen and extremely rarely they visit the mountains of southern Arizona. When it was seen in June this year (2020), the American Birding Association(ABA) called it "arguably the best bird of the year"!

I wasn't aware of it nor was I birding then. But, recently two birds were seen, perhaps a couple and this time I decided to go see them. 

This bird is so rare and sough after that I met people who had come from all over to get a glimpse. Some from California, some from Texas and even some from as far East as New York!!

The Rucker Canyon in Cochise county Arizona is located in the Chiricahua Mountains. The canyon is fairly remote and doesn't seem to get many visitors unlike other popular places in Arizona. The trail where the birds are seen is also not maintained- a lot of fallen trees and fire damaged trees (from 2011) can be clearly seen. That adds to the charm to this place, in my opinion. Perhaps that is exactly why these rare elusive birds decided to call it a home? Who knows!

Here are some pictures of the birds that I took on 4th of September 2020. 

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